Fotodiox brings 140-megapixel images to your NEX, medium format lens not included

Fotodiox has a new take on E-mount lens adapters that'll give you 140-megapixel images by performing an interesting trick: moving the camera. The rather spendy device uses an interchangeable lens mount that accepts either Pentax 645, Mamiya 645 or Hasselblad V medium format lenses, coupled with a moveable platform to mount your Sony NEX. When ready to fire, you check the built-in exposure screen to frame the shot and the system moves the NEX around to grab images at predetermined, "precisely-positioned" locations in the lens' field of view. After stitching it all together in Photoshop or similar software, the result is either a panorama or medium format photo (depending on camera orientation) -- 140-megapixels' worth in the case of a Sony NEX-7. Besides the $500 adapter, the aforementioned medium format lens and a tripod, you'll likely require a healthy dollop of patience to use it, too -- and forget about video, of course. Check the PR after the break for more.
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RhinoCam from Fotodiox Puts the Power of a Full Size 645 Medium Format Back into the Hands of Any Photographer
RhinoCam connects a low cost camera sensor with a Medium Format lens for astonishing medium format photography at a fraction of the normal price.
Waukegan, IL (PRWEB) March 06, 2013 - Fotodiox (, a leading lens adapter and accessories manufacturer and distributor, today introduces the RhinoCam, a camera system that, for the first time in the digital age, puts the power of a full-size 645 medium format back into the hands of virtually any photographer. Utilizing the Sony NEX camera sensor, RhinoCam enables photographers at any level to capture the dramatic detail and sharpness only available with a sensor three times larger than even a high-end full-frame 35mm sensor. The first release from Fotodiox's new Vizelex line of premium high-end camera systems and adapters, the RhinoCam delivers stunning 140

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