Google Play gift cards available in the UK starting today, Tesco and Morrisons confirmed as retail partners

Google launched gift cards for its US Play store just over six months ago, now they are arriving in the UK. From today (that's Wednesday if you are reading in the UK), you'll be able to pick them up in the same denominations as the US versions -- £10, £25 and £50. The confirmed retail outlets for the cards so far are Tesco and Morrisons supermarkets, but we'd be surprised if that list didn't grow quite soon. As for online retailers, no mention at this time, but we've asked for confirmation as and when that happens. From launch, there will be no restrictions on what type of content you can redeem them against, with books, movies, music, magazines and -- of course -- apps all eligible. Possibly good timing too, if your new hardware has left you feeling a little light.

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