Incredimail launches for iPad with a photo inbox and built-in browser

Many of us whose parents discovered the internet in the past decade are all too familiar with Incredimail, mostly through the excessively cute stationery that would come attached to virtually every message. It's time to shake some of those old preconceptions now that an iPad version is here. The tablet port has stationery for anyone who craves it, but it's more focused on becoming a one-stop shop for everything associated with communication: it centers on a unified inbox for IMAP-based email accounts (POP3 soon) that shows quick peeks of both mail and any included links. Users won't have to leave the app at all for a few common non-messaging tasks. There's both an integrated web browser as well as a photo inbox that currently shows Facebook images, with plans to support Flickr, Instagram and Picasa in the long run. Those on Android devices or the iPhone will have to wait for their eventual turns at Incredimail, but everyone using Apple's tablet can give it a whirl today, for free -- even if they have no intentions of sending messages that could be confused with greeting cards.

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Incredimail Recreates the Email Experience

Beginning with the iPad, Incredimail gives you your inbox with a better view

TEL AVIV, Israel & SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Perion Network Ltd. (NASDAQ: PERI), developer of the leading email client Incredimail, today debuted its latest version of Incredimail, forever changing the email experience for iPad owners. Incredimail for the iPad is the first email application truly adapted for the touch-screen, and is the first major redesign of email in over 20 years. It redesigns the inbox, unifies multiple email accounts, creates a photo inbox from your friends and family Facebook photos, and elevates messages so their contents can easily be seen by users at a glance, in an intuitive "magazine-by-touch" format.

"The team has been focused on the vision of bringing a new look to email and we're proud to deliver some exciting new tweaks to the best of traditional email."
"We love email and believe it is, and will remain, a vital form of communication for years to come. But the new Incredimail is more than that. It is both a unified messaging application, including a photo inbox, as well as a bold new step in recreating the experience as needed for a multi-screen world, especially for newer mobile formats that have seen explosive growth," said Josef Mandelbaum, CEO of Perion. "We think users, especially our users, are going to love Incredimail for the iPad. It changes the entire email experience, tailored just for devices like the iPad. We look forward to extending this quality experience to the iPhone, Android and other devices later this year and eventually even bring this exciting new email to the desktop."

In its recent survey1, Perion found that consumers, especially second wave adopters, now prefer the iPad for reading and writing email, beating out PCs and smartphones by a wide margin. But the survey also found that typically passionate iPad users were not as pleased as they could be with their current email choices. Previous email applications were designed for the PC era, and until now, there has not been a major rethink of the email experience for a multi-screen mobile world.

Incredimail's striking visual design provides innovative functionality for users, to easily view and share email content, including articles, photos and videos. Incredimail redesigns the email experience, bringing the elegance and ease-of-use consumers love from the iPad to their inboxes.

Incredimail is available for free download in the App Store. Highlights that users can enjoy with Incredimail for the iPad include:

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